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Production & Operational Analysis for Saw Mills

We have been working with saw blades, cutters, industrial knives, and hogger heads for over 20+ years. If you are looking to improve your operational efficiencies, allow us to visit your facility, observe your operation, and make suggestions to improve cutting tool efficiency. If a new tool is necessary for your operations, we will analyze everything from start to finish to ensure the best solution. Our knowledge base from working with the woodworking facilities and lumber mills in Louisiana, East Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma is unmatched in the region.

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Ready to get started or need help?

We feel that by focusing on sharpening, repair first we can better serve our customers, providing longer tool life and longer run times.

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We have sharpened and re-tipped many different cutting tools, including Hoggers, Cutter Heads, Groovers and various Tongue & Groove patterns.  Our service is not simply a one and done operation, rather an ongoing process.