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Patterns & Custom Tooling

A specialty at Southern Carbide is the ability to help you with Custom Tooling. Tell us the product you want to cut, how fast you want to feed it, the type of machine you will run and the rpm to turn the tool. We can design the tool for your application whether it is remodeling homes, a re-design of existing tooling or a new product you are cutting.

Our Custom Tooling Capabilities

We have the equipment and the resources to produce most any type of carbide tipped cutting tool. If you have in-house grinding capabilities, we can provide CNC cut templates for any pattern you require.

  • Cabinetry – Customers remodeling homes, have brought us cabinet doors and molding they need replicated. We can build tools to replicate any pattern you may have.
  • New Machinery – When you upgrade equipment or buy new, we can design new tools to work with either application.
  • Products – New materials are being introduced to the market. They require tooling to meet those needs and we can help with that process.
Patterns & Custom Tooling | Southern Carbide
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Ready to get started or need help?

We feel that by focusing on sharpening, repair first we can better serve our customers, providing longer tool life and longer run times.

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We have sharpened and re-tipped many different cutting tools, including Hoggers, Cutter Heads, Groovers and various Tongue & Groove patterns.  Our service is not simply a one and done operation, rather an ongoing process.