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Inventory Control, Pick-up & Delivery for Cutting Tools

Southern Carbide is ready to manage your production inventory by leveraging our years of experience. We will assess the quantity of your cutting tool inventory and notify you of any issues before they become a problem. We understand that keeping your lumber mill or production facility stocked and running smoothly is paramount, therefore our ongoing inventory monitoring service, coupled with our weekly pick-up and delivery service, helps ensure that you have the tools you rely upon when you need them most.

Inventory Monitoring Service

If you are within our service areas in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, our trucks will pick-up any tools that need to be repaired or serviced, and then drop-off them back off at your location once completed. We also assess the quality of your cutting tool inventory and notify you of any issues before they become a problem. Our system is customized to your specific guidelines.

Saw Blades Inventory Control and Management | Southern Carbide
  • Custom software to streamline cutting tool inventory monitoring
  • In-house delivery trucks to pick-up and drop-off your tools on pre-scheduled dates
  • Improve productive efficiencies through our strategic partnership
  • On-site organizational system to store sharp & dull blades in designated areas for increased inventory transparency
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Ready to get started or need help?

We feel that by focusing on sharpening, repair first we can better serve our customers, providing longer tool life and longer run times.

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We have sharpened and re-tipped many different cutting tools, including Hoggers, Cutter Heads, Groovers and various Tongue & Groove patterns.  Our service is not simply a one and done operation, rather an ongoing process.