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Industrial Groovers & Repair Services

Groovers can come in many different designs, from a stackable Dado set with trim saws and chippers to a more industrial solid body carbide tipped tool for dedicated groove sizes.

Our Groover Services

  • Sharpening & repair to ensure your tools are always up to the job
  • Inventory control assistance to make sure you have the tools you need when you need them
  • We use our industry experience to specify and design your ideal production & operational process
Industrial Groovers & Repair Services | Southern Carbide
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Ready to get started or need help?

We feel that by focusing on sharpening, repair first we can better serve our customers, providing longer tool life and longer run times.

What We Do

We’ve re-tipped and sharpened all sorts of cutting tools, including hoggers, cutter head bits, and tongue and groove sets. We realize that with so many of these cutting jobs, it is not simply a one and done operation, rather an ongoing process.