Proper Saw Blade Maintenance

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“You’re my new saw guy. Those blades cut so smooth, so slick, that I don’t even have to run any material through the sander anymore.”

Proper maintenance of your tools is extremely important to efficiently run your sawmill or other cutting operation. Keeping blades sharp, ensuring they remain flat, and scheduled cleanings and checkups can be the difference between losing and making money with your business.


One client came to us with 30 blades and requested that the blades be inspected to find out what the issue was for each blade. It was stated that all material run through the blades ended up very rough and each piece needed to be sanded down to smooth out the material. This extra work was causing employees to work longer and harder due to the extra step of sanding.

We discovered that nearly every blade had different issues and offered two different options for a solution to this: repair and re-tip all blades, or fix each individual problem with them.


After meeting with the client and identifying each of the different problems with their blades, the decision was made to completely re-tip and repair each of the sawblades. Re-tipping each of the blades saved the company even more money by eliminating the sanding process from their production line. After all of the teeth had been redone by Southern Carbide, this client’s products had the smoothest, slickest, and cleanest finish yet.

Not only was the finished product an improvement after using the re-tipped blades, but the sanding process was eliminated from his process. Ultimately, repairing and going through with the re-tipping of each blade was the best decision he had made for his operation in regards to the lifespan of his saws.

In this example, a client came to us with a severe problem-nearly all his blades had different problems, with no uniformity across all of them. The end result was a better product, one less process in the client’s production line, and another satisfied customer.

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