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Services Provided - Southern Carbide

New Tool Sales

Southern Carbide will custom manufacture tools to your specifications for cutting your specific product. We also distribute tooling for many of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Some of our manufacturing capabilities include saw blade, knife, circular saw, templates, and others. For those that simply need a new tool, we are also a distributor for some of the top names in the saw and knife industry, including RNS Cutter Heads. Along with any new purchases of saw tipping or other knife related products, we will also work with you and continue to support you with whatever your needs may be, including replacement, repair, and inventory management.

If you need advice on which tool is needed for your job, don’t worry! Experts at Southern Carbide will work with you to better understand what tool is right for your project, and will let you know if a custom manufactured tool is better than a stock part ordered from straight from the manufacturer. Whether it’s a groover, a hogger, or even a cutter head, you can count on Southern Carbide to fulfill your cutting needs.

Production and Operational Analysis

Southern Carbide will visit your facility, observe your operation and make suggestions to improve cutting tool efficiency and productivity to affect profitability.

At Southern Carbide, we know a thing or two about blades, cutting jobs, and what it takes to get the job done efficiently. We will come out to your facility and personally sit down with you to help alleviate what your problem may be. You may even find that a new product isn’t even necessary!

If a new tool is necessary for your operations, we will analyze everything from start to finish to ensure the best solution. Along with providing new tools for your facility, we also provide expert help in maximizing efficiency with your cutting tools and helping to make it more productive and profitable. We also furnish CNC cut templates custom made solely for you and your business and can work from a wood sample, a dimensional drawing, or an existing knife.

Sharpening & Repair Services

Services Provided - Southern Carbide

There is a lot more that goes into properly serving your cutting tools than just sharpening them. We have developed an eight-step system to ensure your cutting tool is in like new condition upon return to you.

When it comes to keeping your shop well maintained, your tools are not an afterthought. When we say that the most important tool in our service is yours, we stand behind that 100%. That’s why whenever we receive your tools that need servicing or sharpening, we clean them, put them through an inspection, give them the repair that is needed, and finally give it a final cleaning and inspection to ensure that it is as close to the condition it was in when you first bought it.

We’ve re-tipped and sharpened all sorts of cutting tools, including hoggers, cutter head bits, and tongue and groove sets. We realize that with so many of these cutting jobs, it is not simply a one and done operation, rather an ongoing process. That’s why we remain in contact with you throughout the week to understand just what it is that you need to keep your tools in the best shape they can be, and deliver and pick up your tools accordingly. It’s just another way of us letting you know that we care.

Templates and Patterns

Do you have an existing tool that was custom made? We can furnish CNC cut templates for your pattern tools and will work from a wood sample, a dimensioned drawing, or an existing knife.

Inventory Control Service

We realize that while cutting tools are a critical part of any operation, you have many other things to worry about. Southern Carbide will keep track of your cutting tool inventory and notify you of any issues before they become a problem. Our system is customized to your specific guidelines.

Many distributors and manufacturers have a relationship with their customers usually that begins and ends with the transaction. A warranty that will replace some or all a product should something happen to it might extend that relationship. At Southern Carbide, our ongoing inventory control service, coupled with a weekly pick-up and delivery service, ensure that we are always at your side and there for you when you need us most.

Not only are we experts at carbide tipping and custom tool manufacturing, but we also pride ourselves on our commitment to you and keeping your facility stocked and running as smoothly as possible. If you are in our Tri-State area that we directly service, we drive out to you to pick up any tools that you need to be repaired or serviced, and drop off those that have already been worked on for you. This is just another way of us letting you know that our tool cutting isn’t our only specialty, but ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our assistance.

Pick-up and Delivery

We offer a weekly pick-up and delivery service to North Louisiana, East Texas, South Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma. Our customers outside this four-state region will mail/ship their tools to our shop for service and repair.