Intooligence TS Software System

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"Intooligence TS is the only software solution designed specifically for the tool sharpening industry."

Southern Carbide, Inc., a leading sharpener, distributor, and manufacturer of cutting tools in Shreveport, Louisiana has implemented the Intooligence TS software system. Intooligence TS (TS stands for tool sharpening) is a software system for tracking and managing the pickup, processing, delivery, and invoicing of service work for cutting tools which utilizes mobile tablet computers and integration into their existing accounting software.

Prior to implementing Intooligence TS, Southern Carbide was using carbon-copy paper forms with handwritten descriptions of tools picked-up and the work that was performed to those tools. Those paper forms were then typed into the accounting system which the bulk of Renee Walls’ time each day. “The importing of information into our accounting system has been seamless. I love it!”, said Renee Walls. Using Intooligence TS, Southern Carbide has dramatically reduced the time to invoice service work.

Using Intooligence TS, Southern Carbide now has an interface that directly imports a description of the tooling and its associated service charges into the accounting system with virtually no typing. Intooligence TS also emails signed pack lists to customers each day which has reduced questions concerning the delivery confirmation of sharpening.

Intooligence TS is the only software solution designed specifically for the tool sharpening industry. “I’ve been wanting to implement technology like this for a long time,” commented Shannon Walls, owner of Southern Carbide, Inc. Southern Carbide services a four state region and has two people on the road every week to service the routes they maintain. They also have several tooling companies and partner businesses that ship or bring tools to them for service. In addition, Southern Carbide has a customer service desk for walk-in customers. With the entire Southern Carbide team using tablets to record the pickup and delivery of tooling, Intooligence TS creates a centralized record of what tooling is in-house for service.

Located in Shreveport, LA, Southern Carbide, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Johnny Walls. In 2010 Shannon Walls assumed ownership and is currently operating the business. Southern Carbide primarily caters to the board mill industry, such as, manufacturers of plywood, particle board, oriented strand board (OSB) and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Southern Carbide has expanded its services and products to meet the needs of mill-wor fabrication plants. Learn more at